From Gu Ailing to Yuzuru Hanyu: Street voice of memorable moments of Beijing 2022

2022-February-25 15:49 By:

By Zhang Andi, Wu Xilu, and Gu Siyu

What do Chinese people think of the Winter Olympics? We talked to people of all ages in Beijing about the most memorable moment of Beijing 2022.

Gu Ailing set an example for Chinese parents and youth. Through the street interview, we found that she inspires people's perspectives on not only the definition of successful athletes but also the definition of successful women.

Short-track speed skate games are the most intense ones in Winter Olympics, but China's short-track speed skaters are popular among netizens not only for their skills but for their humor.

Shaun White, Kamila Valieva, Yuzuru Hanyu... Those broken hearts stopped by the podium tell the story of ranking No. 4. We are glad that Chinese audiences are willing to memorize their journeys.

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