From China to the world: Street voice of memorable moments of Beijing 2022

2022-February-25 16:11 By:

By Zhang Andi, Wu Xilu, and Gu Siyu

What do Chinese people think of the Winter Olympics? We talked to people of all ages in Beijing about the most memorable moment of Beijing 2022.

The Chinese audiences will cheer for the athletes no matter their nationality; Jenise Spiteri, Nicolas Huber, and Gido Tsujioka, those are names went viral on the Chinese social media; Compared with claiming medals, Chinese audiences feel prouder when they knew Beijing praised for its preparation as a host country.

As one interviewee said, in 2008, everyone wanted to show the best of China; in 2022, the Chinese want athletes from all over the world can feel the atmosphere of the Olympics. That's how China's image changed during the two times as Olympics host country.

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