CPC 101: Size and composition of CPC

2022-February-25 16:09 By: GMW.cn

According to the latest official statistics, as of 2021, the CPC had a total of 95.148 million members, about 20 times more than the size when the New China was founded.

The composition of the Party is constantly optimized. There are now 23.679 million Party members aged 35 and below, accounting for 24.9% of the total.

Party members are increasingly better educated. There are 49.513 million Party members with a college degree or above, accounting for 52% of the total.

The proportion of female Party members has increased to 28.8%, reaching 27.450 million.

The proportion of ethnic minority Party members has increased to 7.5%, bringing the total to 7.135 million. The country’s 55 ethnic minorities all have a certain number of Party members.

The Party’s social foundation has continuously consolidated and strengthened. Workers and farmers are still the main body of Party members, accounting for 33.9% of the total.

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