China Chic: Cherry blossom and Chinese poetry

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By Zhang Andi and Wu Xilu

Cherry blossoms bloom around the Tomb-sweeping day. In Tang and Song poetry, peach blossom, plum blossom, and cherry blossom are all important and frequently used images, but their connotations are slightly different.

In the early Tang Dynasty, the cherry blossom was not planted as a garden plant, but mainly to grow in the wild, so it was also called mountain cherry. Because of the isolation and independence of its growing environment, cherry blossom pictures a sense of loneliness and solitude in its figurative sense.

Cherry blossom has a short blooming period, dazzling all over the mountains and fields, but it may be blown off the branches after a gust of wind and rain. This contrast between the rise and fall is poetic, adding a touch of grandeur to the image of the cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom is a kind of plant with the character of morality and aesthetics in ancient Chinese poetry, which used to convey the praise of vitality. Hopefully, this video gave you a better idea of the meaning of cherry blossoms.

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