No pain, no gain: experience Chinese massage with Sue at Tongrentang Zhima Health in Beijing

2022-May-16 17:31 By:

By Wang Ruoxin, Wuxilu, Zhang Andi

Have you ever heard of the health fad of the “Punk regimen”? It refers to the latest trend in young Chinese who adopt traditional wellness ideas, but with a twist.

Tongrentang, a time-honored TCM house, practice well the idea of “Punk regimen” through its new venue Tongrentang Zhima Health, which mainly targets young people to help them get rid of sub-health by promoting TCM physiotherapy and by combining medicinal herbs with popular drinks such as coffee and tea.

Check out this video to experience Chinese Massage with our reporter Sue at Tongrentang Zhima Health in Beijing and learn some easy techniques to practice every day.

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