U.S. policy toward China road to self-destruction: Asia Times

2022-June-24 16:24 By: Xinhua

HONG KONG, June 23 (Xinhua) -- U.S. policy toward China is a road to self-destruction, said a recent opinion piece published on the website of the Asia Times.

The U.S. administration seems oblivious to the erosion of the U.S. stature as the world leader, but insists on demanding that each country choose sides and align with the American geopolitical positions, according to the article published Tuesday.

The United States has chosen to "designate China as its adversary for the foreseeable future. For allies and would-be allies to side with the U.S. means they must also regard China as their adversary as well," said the article.

"The American demand places these countries in a dilemma, because regarding China as an adversary is in conflict with their own national interests," read the article.

"China has expressed no interest in displacing the U.S. to become the world hegemon and places no demand or expectation that countries choose sides," the article said.

The U.S. administration appears determined to project the image that the United States remains the world's hegemon regardless of cost or consequences and despite overwhelming developments around the globe that are contrary to such misguided hubris, it added.

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