Experience Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritages with Smart Lady Series: Patchwork

2022-July-15 17:34 By: GMW.cn

By Junye Zhang, Gu Siyu

Tune in to our live program on “Experiencing Chinese Culture with Smart Lady” supported by the Beijing Women’s Federation. Today's program is on the arts of Chinese patchwork.

Patchwork is a classical, aesthetic craft popular all across the world, it puts fabric pieces together according to a pattern, and eventually makes it an artistic piece of fabric. There are two types of patchwork: lifestyle patchwork and artistic patchwork.

Today, we have with us Ms. Jiang Xiaodan, a master of patchwork. Jiang is a member of the Fengtai District Smart Lady Association, she graduated from Tsinghua University, works as an interior designer, and makes patchwork as a passion. Her superb skills in patchwork crafts have won her the Awards for Excellence in Asian Patchwork Festival and Taiwan Friendship Patchwork Festival. Her patchwork has also helped her become a popular vlogger and blogger on Xiaohongshu and Douyin. Ms. Jiang has rich experience in patchwork and live streaming, she is especially skilled at making patchworks that take inspirations from life.

In this program, Ms. Jiang will share her patchwork stories with us, teach us how to make a simple patchwork, and showcase some of her most classic works.

Editor: JYZ
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