CPC 101: Edgar Snow, Author of "Red Star Over China"

2022-August-5 16:23 By: GMW.cn

American journalist Edgar Snow was author of the book “Red Star Over China”.

In the 1930s, the CPC and its foothold in northern Shaanxi were put under tight press censorship by the KMT authorities. Under a long period of demonizing propaganda, the real image of the CPC was not known to the outside world. In 1936, Snow crossed the war zone and risked his life to arrive in northern Shaanxi. He interviewed Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other CPC leaders, and became the first western journalist to report the “Red China”.

Based on what he saw and heard, Snow wrote the book “Red Star Over China”. The book described the real picture of the CPC to the world and caused a great sensation. The book also changed his life. A young American who wanted to stay in China for only 6 weeks ended up living in China for 13 years. Following Snow’s wishes, some of his ashes were buried on the campus of Peking University, where he had taught.

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