CPC 101: Ciren Duoji, a Climber of World Peaks

2022-August-5 16:23 By: GMW.cn

“I’m at the top of the peak. I’m the first one here. Base Camp, Base Camp, do you copy?”

In 1988, climbers from China, Japan and Nepal took to Everest. Chinese mountaineer Ciren Duoji was the first to reach the summit, setting a world record at that time.

Ciren Duoji was a Tibetan, and head of the men’s climbing team of the Tibet Autonomous Region. To achieve the target of waving China’s national flag at the peaks of the world, Ciren Duoji and his team fought for 14 years in alpine cold regions despite the lack of oxygen. He set a world record to climb all the peaks on earth above 8,000 meters, planting the five-star flag on all 14 such peaks.

Ciren Duoji was constantly pushed to the limit in 20 years of climbing career. He has climbed the most peaks in the world and has registered the most successful summit climbing. He has won glory for his motherland with loyalty and commitment. Time and again, he has created a human feat and a miracle in the history of mountaineering.

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