Xinjiang: Night-time economy enriches life, stimulates consumption

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By Zhang Andi

Liu Jiaming also contributed to this video

The summer nights in Xinjiang are especially appealing.

With Covid-19 under control, counties and cities across Xinjiang have incorporated its distinctive culture in their night-time economy. By mingling culture, arts, tourism and night-time economy, Xinjiang has stimulated the vitality of the local market.

In summer, most areas in Xinjiang have a suitable temperature ranging from over 30 degrees in daytime to less than 20 degrees at night. When the sun sets behind China’s westernmost mountains, night kicks in for residents and tourists in Xinjiang.

Yining and Urumqi: International food markets boosting catering business at night

At 10:30 p.m., the “Silk Road Light” tourist town in Yining is packed with people, with the iconic Central Asia Gate acting as a beacon, attracting locals and tourists with its delicious food and wine.

The food stalls on both sides of the Silk Road Light satisfy every imagination of summer food. “Stinky Tofu” from Changsha, barbecue from the northeast, and grilled lamb shanks from the local Muslim communities … Here, one can taste the food and culture from all over the world. And, how can food go without some music? The enchanting songs and dances of various ethnic groups mesmerize audiences. When the last song kicks in, the enthusiastic performers would invite all to dance together, and everybody is having a great time.

The International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, which is better known at home and abroad, shows a different scene of night-time economy. At 11 p.m., the place is still packed with people. On one side, tourists are stopping by at each food stall, exploring the most authentic Xinjiang flavors; on the other side, locals are taking a walk after dinner, nobody wants to miss the great scenery of Xinjiang at night. The International Grand Bazaar is of spectacular appeal to all population groups at night than during the day.

Tekes and Kashgar: tourist consumption empowering old neighborhoods

The concept of “full time tourism” created through night markets and nighttime shows in different parts of Xinjiang has effectively extended the tourism season and increased the offerings of tourism products.

Tekes is a famous town designed according to the Taiji (eight trigrams) described in The Book of Changes. As the only stop between Yining and the tourist attractions Qiongkushitai Village and Kelajun Grassland, many tourists choose to stay here for one night.

At night, pedestrians roam around the alleys off the main streets. As the gloom of the pandemic lifts, visitors can re-feel the pulse of the city here. Who can resist a refreshing bite of sweetness in the summer heat after seeing the long lines outside the icecream store Gulan Danmu? The Taiji Altar in the center of Bagua City is one of Tekes’ landmarks, and the “Taiji Eye” ferris wheel is another main attraction in the city at night. Both landmarks are must-go places one can’t miss at night in Turks.

In the south of the Tianshan Mountains, the ancient city of Kashgar, Xinjiang’s tourist hotspot, is known for its prestigious historical towns and colorful night -time economy. In Kashgar, evening is the watershed for the line of sight. When night falls, the Rainbow Lane and the Bar Street bring life and vitality to the ancient city of Kashgar.

Night-time economy empowers the city’s old neighborhoods, improves the quality of life, and creates new tourist consumption hotspots.

Kashgar: cultural performances and light shows embellishing Xinjiang

The Xinjiang government has also introduced numerous cultural performances to enrich the lives of local residents. Kashgar has built the North Lake Wetland Park along the Tuman River to preserve and restore the ecosystem. The 3,231-mu North Lake Park is a treasure for Kashgar, a city located in the continental arid climate zone.

As night falls, crowds of people gather along the riverbank for open-air barbecue and beer, the musical fountain, light show and singing and dancing performances in the North Lake Park. Folk songs and melodic tunes are played alternately, and all the men and women, young and old, are filled with great joy in high spirit.

In Xinjiang at night, people can truly breathe in the air of freedom and feel the joy of life. Night-time economy makes life in Xinjiang more beautiful and fulfilling, and also shows a different side of Xinjiang to travelers.

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