China Chic: Teample of Heaven in a sip

2022-September-22 19:05 By:

By Zhang Andi and Wu Xilu

Temple of Heaven is on the World Cultural Heritage list. It includes a series of well-preserved ancient buildings, where emperors in the Ming and Qing Dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for blessings. In Temple of Heaven park, Qiniandian, also called the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, is the most distinctive.

The ancient gray outer wall, red hall body, and blue roof, after a hundred years of wind and rain, now have a new connotation.

"The Temple of Heaven Shiguang" is a cultural and creative shop in the Temple of Heaven Park. The drinks and desserts in the style of the #Qiniandian here are very famous. In the video, our host tries out the two hottest drinks in Shiguang, and the staff also shows us an unnamed special for the coming National Day.

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