Explore Xinjiang: Life in Kashgar Old City

2022-September-23 16:36 By: GMW.cn

Kashgar Old City has been known for centuries as a unique ancient city in Central Asia. The 8 square kilometers neighborhood lives 220,000 residents. Previously, the population density and building density in the neighborhood were high, and the brick and wood structures of the residential buildings were fragile under earthquake conditions. Besides, there was basically no public infrastructure in the old city.

In 2010, the state officials approved the launch of the old city renovation project.

At present, the core area of the Kashgar Old City has been renovated. The deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Kashgar, Enivar Tursun, said, the renovation has well preserved the architectural art of the local ethnic groups, inherited the local folk culture, and made it suitable for people to live and work. Now, the booming tourism industry brings more job opportunities to the people in Kashgar, increasing their income and improving their quality of life.

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