Interview: French scholar appreciates China's efforts to uphold multilateralism

2022-September-26 14:36 By: Xinhua

PARIS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- China's foreign policy is based on cooperation and not confrontation, reciprocity and not rivalry at all costs, a French international affairs expert has said.

"China, for its part, has a natural propensity for multilateralism," said Bruno Guigue, who worked at the French Interior Ministry from 1990 to 2008, in a recent written interview with Xinhua.

Lauding China's efforts to uphold multilateralism, he said that China has been promoting peaceful cooperation with other countries.

The features of China's cooperation "always include respect for the sovereign decisions of each partner. It does not intervene in the internal affairs of its partners," said Guigue, who has devoted his time to teaching philosophy and researches in international politics.

Speaking of the importance of multilateralism under current global situation, Guigue said that multilateralism remains the "lifeline" of the world riddled with uncertainties.

"International cooperation only bears fruit if the main powers apply the principles defined by the Charter of the United Nations and do not seek to impose their hegemony," he said.

Guigue warned of the "false multilateralism" imposed by the United States through its irresponsible involvement in other countries' internal affairs.

Aligning with the United States in its promotion of the "false multilateralism" is against Europe's own interests, he said.

"The vocation of Europe is to be a bridge between the West and Asia, a zone of economic and cultural exchanges, a pole of innovation which communicates with the rest of the world and contributes to its development," Guigue explained.

"Europe must free itself from the tutelage of the United States. It must break with Atlanticism," he stressed.

He said France and China share the similar views on multilateralism, calling on the two countries to further work together to promote multilateralism.

"By joining their efforts, France and China can bring about a safer and fairer world," Guigue said.

Guigue pointed out that China has a long history of peace-loving and refraining from interfering in others' internal affairs, which is evident in the ancient Chinese philosophy.

"What characterizes the Chinese thought is the representation of a plural world and a composite humanity, of which no power is entitled to claim hegemonic leadership. It is this conception of unity in diversity that founds an inclusive, and not exclusive, universalism," he explained.

Along with French writer Maxime Vivas and other scholars, Guigue co-authored a book, titled "La Chine sans oeilleres" (China without blinders), to show a real China to the Western public.

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