Czech Sinologist: China's Space Station Showcases Remarkable Achievement in Space Exploration

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The construction of China’s own space station marks a milestone in China’s space endeavor, and will make pioneering contributions to mankind’s space exploration, Dr. Vacliv Laifr, a Czech Sinologist, said in an exclusive interview with Guangming Online.

Laifr said that an advantage of the Chinese governance system is its ability to concentrate full efforts on specific fields of development. The Chinese Communist Party is able to formulate long-term plans to guide the development of China’s space exploration program, which has advanced at a rapid speed with numerous breakthroughs.

The successful launch and docking of the lab module Mengtian has taken the construction of China’s space station, “Tiangong”, into its final stage. “It’s such a remarkable thing that the Chinese now have their own space station,” said Laifr. Tiangong can carry out a variety of scientific and technological research on important subjects, and accumulate technical experiences for manned space programs.

Laifr said that China is committed to deepening international cooperation in space. For the space station project, China has extensive exchanges and cooperation with European countries, and countries in other regions. The space station will also be open to astronauts from other countries.

“It’s unimaginable in the past that China could make such remarkable achievements in this field,” said Laifr. “I wish China every success in its space exploration program, as it will be a great contribution to mankind.”

Czech Sinologist: China's Space Station Showcases Remarkable Achievement in Space Exploration

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