Mabang culture returns to Lugu Lake

2023-January-3 09:41 By: China Daily

The Lugu Lake Mabang caravan arrives at the top of Niuwozi Mountain, where visitors can overlook the entire landscape of the Lugu Lake. YIN GANG/FOR CHINA DAILY

Yanyuan county is located on the ancient southern Silk Road in Liangshan prefecture, Sichuan province, bordering Yunnan province to the west. The once-disappeared caravan or Mabang is an important part of local Mosuo culture. In the era of inconvenient transportation and logistics, the horse drivers relied on their horses to travel so they could exchange local specialties with mountain products.

With the rapid development of traffic, the transportation functions of Mabang caravans have been replaced. In recent years, with the protection of intangible cultural heritage, rural revitalization and tourism development, the ringing of Mabang caravans bells and singing of horse drivers have returned to the shores of the Lugu Lake.

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