In Jilin city, rime ice dazzles

2023-January-9 14:12 By: China Daily

Residents and tourists in Jilin city, Jilin province, welcomed their first rime ice of the new year recently. [Photo by Dong Yuxin/For]

Residents and tourists in Jilin city, Jilin province, enjoyed their first rime ice views of the new year recently.

On Wednesday, all the trees along the Ashi River Rime Landscape Zone and Binjiang South Road in the city were covered by ice, inducing residents to take out their phones for a quick, frosty snap.

Rime is a special type of frost resembling granular tufts of ice. It only appears under certain conditions of temperature and humidity. Warm water vapor from a river meets cold air above, which creates the beautiful rime formation on nearby trees.

The city's rime ice is known as one of the four meteorological wonders of China and is unique because it is thick and crystal clear.

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