China's COVID Response: Fact check on vaccine-related misinformation

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Claim: Chinese vaccines are ineffective against COVID infections?

Fact: China has more than 10 COVID-19 vaccines featuring various technical routes and vaccinating methods, and has administered more than 3.4 billion doses in total, covering more than 92% of the entire population, and more than 90% of the Chinese population have taken all three doses. The full vaccination rates for people over 60 and 80 years old exceeded 85% and 65% respectively.

According to a study by the University of Hong Kong, after taking the booster shot, inactivated vaccine is effective in protection against severe cases caused by Omicron variants.

A sub-publication of The Lancet also recognizes booster shots of inactivated vaccine are effective against Omicron infections.

It is widely recognized by the scientific community that no vaccine in the world can completely prevent infection. The aim of vaccines is to prevent severe symptoms and fatalities, which is the focus of China’s new phase of COVID-19 response.

China's COVID Response: Fact check on vaccine-related misinformation

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