China in Pics: A New Phase of COVID Response - Winter Recreation

2023-January-20 18:13 By:

As the lasting craze for ice and snow ignited by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics grows with the upgrading diversity and innovation of ice and snow sports infrastructure and policy, people across China now find themselves so involved in this ice and snow season. Especially with the country's COVID response entering a new phase, ice and snow tourism is taking the market by storm and injecting vitality into domestic demands.

China saw 344 million tourists in the ice and snow leisure tourism sector during the 2021-2022 ice and snow season, raking in 474 billion yuan, and the sector is currently undergoing a positive growth momentum, according to China Tourism Academy’s annual report on China's ice and snow tourism development.

By the end of the 2024-2025 ice and snow season, China's ice and snow tourism sector is expected to receive over 520 million visitors, with its revenue exceeding 720 billion yuan (about 104.5 billion US dollars).

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