Meet Rabbit God with Ms. Lin Aixing at Beijing Qiaoniang Craftswomen Museum

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This is a Clay Rabbit, or a Rabbit God, an intangible cultural heritage from Beijing. It has the head of a rabbit and the body of a human, and it usually rides a mount or sits on a cave.

Back in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Clay Rabbit was used in the custom of moon worship, hence it got the name "Rabbit God". Nowadays it is more like a toy or a tourist souvenir.

Today, we invited Ms. Lin Aixing, a representative inheritor of the Rabbit God handicraft in Dongcheng District. Lin developed a strong interest in clay sculpture since she was a child. In 2007, she began to specialize in the traditional handicrafts of Rabbit God. Her works won awards in more than 20 exhibitions and competitions, and were highlighted in China's global exchange activities around the world.

Ms. Lin also shows us how to make the Rabbit God on the spot.

We spent a beautiful afternoon in the Beijing Qiaoniang Craftswomen Museum making Rabbit God and learning about its history.

As International Women’s Day is here, Ms. Lin also wishes women around the world a “Happy Women’s Day”.

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