AI Satirical Cartoon丨The US is the biggest global cyber thief!

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AI Satirical Cartoon丨The US is the biggest global cyber thief!

(Satirical cartoon generated with AI assistant)

BEIJING, April 13 (Guangming Online)- On April 11, the China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance issued a report, disclosing over ten cases in which US intelligence agencies launched cyber attacks, carried out internet monitoring and espionage, and leaked and proliferated cyberattack weapons and tools since 2010.

FM Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China has noted the report. The report provides a systematic account of the history and typical cases of cyber attacks undertaken by relevant departments of the US government and their negative impact on global cyber security and contains a full list of shocking revelations, according to Wang Wenbin.

Wang pointed out that these cases show once again that the US is the origin of cyber warfare, the biggest spreader of advanced cyber weapons and the biggest global cyber thief. The so-called Clean Network and what the US calls “technology that reflects democratic values and interests” are just a pretext for it to unscrupulously conduct cyber thefts and attacks and ensure its supremacy. The US has been holding other countries to high standards, but clearly these standards mean little to the US itself. “This is textbook double standards,” Wang said.

Wang stressed that safeguarding cybersecurity is a shared responsibility of all countries. “Cyberspace is not a battle field or wrestling ground, still less should it be used as a tool to split the international community or contain and bring down other countries,” Wang said, “It is in the international community’s common interest to end the US’s lawlessness on cyber theft and reveal its hypocrisy on cyber security.”

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