Rural artists paint a brighter future in E China's Zhejiang

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Stepping into Yudong Village is like entering a vibrant rural art gallery. These colorful murals, hand-painted by local villagers, mostly depict scenes from rural life or the countryside, showcasing the unique local customs and culture of western Zhejiang.

Yudong, located in Gouxi Township of Quzhou City in the mountains of western Zhejiang, has more than 800 villagers, among whom over 300 can paint.

In the 1970s, the local cultural center organized painting training programs in rural areas, planting the seeds of art in Yudong Village. Over the past 50 years, the villagers of Yudong have held both a hoe and a paintbrush, transforming from a few dozen early practitioners to over 300 folk artists today.

As an ordinary village among the 26 mountainous counties in Zhejiang Province, Yudong Village doesn't possess inherent advantages for industrial development. However, over the years, the locals have tapped into folk art and pushed forward comprehensive industry integration and innovation.

Within the Village, idle farmhouses have been transformed into ecologically themed cultural and creative shops, cafes, guesthouses, and bars, all adorned with elements of folk art. In 2020, the Chinese Rural Art Museum was established in Yudong Village, showcasing not only vibrant and delicate paintings but also a variety of derivative products such as decorated items, scarves, umbrellas, and gift packaging. During holidays and festivals, tourists flock in continuously.

In recent years, Yudong Village has vigorously developed six major areas for folk art activities, expert plein air creation, and visitor leisure experiences. Focusing on spiritual prosperity is the key to sustainable rural development. Yudong aims to plant, nurture, and cultivate the artistic seeds of folk painting in the hearts of generations of villagers, gradually fostering a sense of cultural identity and belonging.

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