Exploring China's Development Model: A Conversation with Oneidge Walrond, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of Guyana

2023-August-17 14:15 By: GMW.cn

In a journey of enlightenment and discovery, Oneidge Walrond, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of Guyana, embarked on her maiden visit to China. As she reflects on her experiences, Minister Walrond shares her insights and observations, highlighting the striking aspects of China's development that could serve as lessons for her own nation's growth.

A Glimpse of Surpassing Development

Upon her arrival in China, Minister Walrond found herself in awe of the sweeping advancements that greeted her. "Yes, it is my first time in China," she shared, "and I didn't expect to see so much development." She was taken aback by the level of progress witnessed across society and the various cities she visited. The fact that some of China's cities had exceeded the development of Western counterparts surprised her, offering a new perspective on global advancement.

Learning through the Lens of Development

Minister Walrond's perspective on China was deeply influenced by her role in Guyana's government, where she oversees Tourism, Industry, and Commerce. "The lens through which I looked at China was the lens of development," she remarked. As a representative of a developing country, she was keen on gleaning insights to propel her own nation's rapid development trajectory. Through her observations in China, Minister Walrond recognized a multi-faceted approach to growth. "What I have learned here and what I've seen in China is that there is not only growth and development, but also a focus on high quality," she elaborated. This focus, she noted, extended beyond mere economic progress. China's commitment encompassed the environment, the well-being of its citizens, cultural heritage, and financial and economic advancement.

The Power of a People-Centered Approach

One of the standout features for Minister Walrond was China's unique approach to governance. "The government reaches down to the grassroots, and likewise, the grassroots can reach the central government," she explained. She marveled at the National People's Congress (NPC), which effectively organized and facilitated consultations with the people. President Xi's emphasis on a people-centered government resonated deeply with Minister Walrond. She saw this philosophy as a catalyst for poverty reduction and inclusivity. "This approach encourages everyone to benefit from the nation's prosperity," she noted. Drawing parallels to her own nation, she believed that this approach could serve as a potent tool for addressing poverty on a large scale.

Lessons in Sustainable Development

China's strides in clean energy and sustainable development were also prominent takeaways for Minister Walrond. "We are witnessing a lot of innovation in clean energy here in China, while its economy continues to boom," she shared. This combination of economic growth and environmental consciousness left a lasting impression on her.

Minister Walrond firmly believed that China's approach debunked the notion that development came at the expense of the environment. "We can develop while still emphasizing the environment," she affirmed. China's ambitious goals of achieving carbon peak by 2030 and complete carbon neutrality by 2060 resonated with her deeply. "For me, this is pretty significant," she expressed, praising China's commitment to translating these goals into tangible action.

A Blueprint for Progress As Minister Walrond concluded her transformative visit to China, her insights underscored the value of cross-country learning and collaboration. From China's multi-faceted development philosophy to its people-centric governance and sustainable practices, the experiences she garnered are poised to shape the trajectory of Guyana's own growth journey. As both nations continue to advance, the lessons drawn from China's development model serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future.


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