Surinamese MP highlights agricultural cooperation and China's multilateral vision

2023-August-18 19:24 By:

In an exclusive interview with Guangming Online, Wang Chuanrui, member of the National Assembly of Suriname, discusses the potential of agricultural cooperation with China, emphasizing collaboration under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative as a pathway to mutual growth, while also praising Chinese President Xi Jinping's vision of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Wang vividly portrays the possibilities that lie in Suriname's adoption of China's agricultural experience. He underscores the significant role played by the Suriname China Investment Committee, which not only bolsters local farmers but also orchestrates the export of goods to the Caribbean Community. The Suriname China Investment Committee is also actively advancing cooperation with China to establish an agricultural industrial park in Suriname, as Wang introduced.

While drawing from history, Wang accentuates the time-tested contribution of the Silk Road, thus endorsing the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China. He fervently believes that this multilateral approach resonates with Suriname's developmental aspirations, emphasizing the multilateral cooperation pictured by China is essential for the developing countries.

Wang warmly commends Chinese President Xi Jinping's vision of a community with shared future for mankind, which underpins China's stance on international collaboration. He points out that the global governance system characterized by extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefit proposed by China has been recognized globally.

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