Works of Renaissance masters, ancient Chinese artists displayed in Shanghai

2023-December-15 09:40 By: Xinhua

SHANGHAI, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- Time-honored paintings by renowned Italian and Chinese masters, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Tang Yin, are being displayed at an exhibition held in the Shanghai Museum, illustrating cultural exchanges between the East and the West.

Themed "Who is Leonardo da Vinci? -- Dialogue between Renaissance and Chinese Painting," the exhibition features a collection of 18 Italian Renaissance paintings, including over 10 works by da Vinci, alongside 18 Chinese paintings from the corresponding historical period.

"The Lady with Disheveled Hair" by da Vinci stands as the most captivating highlight of the exhibition. This artwork is granted permission to leave Italy only once every five years.

A standout piece among the Chinese paintings is "Lady with Fan in Autumn Breeze" by Tang Yin, a distinguished master from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) who is widely recognized as Tang Bohu, a household name in China.

Francesco D'Arelli, one of the curators and director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Shanghai, said that experts from both sides created "a true dialogue and exchange" and presented it through "a very exciting contemporary exhibition design."

Ling Lizhong, director of the Painting and Calligraphy Research Department at the Shanghai Museum, explained that the concept of a "dialogue" serves to facilitate an understanding of the cultural commonalities and differences between the East and the West.

"From the perspective of world art history, the 15th century in Italy and China represents the most brilliant chapter of Eastern and Western civilizations," Ling said.

Jointly organized by the Shanghai Museum and the Institute of the Italian Encyclopaedia Treccani, the exhibition received nearly 8,000 visitors on its opening day on Dec. 10.

It will run until April 2024.

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