Joyful and Poetic: Timeless Chinese Ways of Snow Appreciation

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Recently, many parts of China have welcomed the first heavy snowfall of the Year of the Dragon. As the Chinese saying goes, “A propitious snow heralds a prosperous year.” The Dragon Year's initial snowfall not only brought joy to hearts but also added a colorful touch to people’s daily life.

From time immemorial, the Chinese have celebrated snow in diverse ways, turning it into a canvas for cultural expression. Imagine sipping tea brewed with freshly fallen snow, sharing poetry over mulled wine, or even walking in the snow to seek the quiet beauty of plum blossoms. These traditions have been embraced through the ages.

Let the enchanting snowflakes guide you into a world where ancient traditions meet the vibrant pulse of modern life.

Joyful and Poetic: Timeless Chinese Ways of Snow Appreciation

By Wang Ruoxin and Wang Jinhong

Editor: WJH
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