A glimpse of China with Sue: Improvement in resources and environmental management in 2023

2024-March-10 08:10 By: GMW.cn

Welcome to the video series “A Glimpse of China with Sue”! For this video, we will look into China’s accomplishments in resources and environmental management in 2023.

China has been dedicated to improving environmental protection and resources. In 2023, it made steady progress in the total stock of water resources, the total area of afforestation, land area improvements, and the quality of offshore oceanic water.

In 2023, the country’s total stock of water resources was 2,478.0 billion cubic meters. The total area of afforestation reached 4 million hectares, of which 1.33 million hectares were afforested with manpower.

Moreover, the land area improved by grass plantation was 4.38 million hectares, and there were 5 national parks by the end of 2023. A total of 63,000 square kilometers of land have also been saved from soil erosion.

Finally, the area of offshore oceanic water that met the national quality standard Grade I and II accounted for 85.0 percent; that met Grade III standard 4.5 percent; and water of Grade IV or inferior quality 10.5 percent.

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