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2024-June-12 15:37 By: Xinhua

This photo shows Zongzi-shaped ornaments with hand-written calligraphy on them. (Photo by Cai Cai/Handout via Xinhuanet)

By Liu He

BEIJING, June 10 (Xinhuanet) -- As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, Cai Cai, co-founder of an online cultural product specialty shop, is working overtime to prepare for the bestseller in store -- a Zongzi-shaped decoration, with hand-written calligraphy on it.

Zongzi, or rice dumplings, the signature cuisine of the Dragon Boat Festival in China, is now inspiring more brands and designers to create cultural products.

“This Zongzi-shaped ornament has become a hit in our shop since last year’s Dragon Boat Festival,” Cai told Xinhuanet.

The shop has also introduced a special bouquet to match the theme of the Dragon Boat Festival. It is composed of wormwood, Zongzi-shaped ornaments, and five-colored silk strings -- all elements are closely related to this festival and used to ward off evil.

According to the shop, the sales volume of this cultural product is on the verge of surpassing 5,000 in total. Over 200 buyers have expressed their appreciation in the customer feedback section: “It has got all the components I’m looking forward for this festival”; “(it) brings a sense of ceremony in my life”, etc.

Meanwhile, major museums have launched promotion schemes for Zongzi-themed products and achieved impressive sales figures. The cultural and creative product studio of the Suzhou Museum, for instance, has sold more than 5,000 copies of the original Zongzi-shaped coin purse so far in its Taobao flagship store.

Moreover, a post about purchasing the same coin purse has drawn more than 3,000 likes on Xiaohongshu, a popular lifestyle-sharing social platform in China, stimulating netizens' impulse to purchase and interest in the customs behind it.

This growing trend underscores the enduring appeal of Chinese traditional festivals, offering culture enthusiasts new ways to cherish the conventions of the Dragon Boat Festival.

“Our next objective is to launch more festival-themed products,” said Cai.

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