Egyptian official looks into China's successful poverty alleviation model

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In a recent interview, Dr. Mohamed Kamal Abohatab, a member of the Coordination Committee of Party Youth Leaders and Politicians for the Egyptian Freedom Party and the head of the Egyptian delegation for the Freedom Party, discussed the nation's ambitious plans to eradicate poverty, drawing inspiration from China's notable achievements in this area. Under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping, China has successfully reached its goal of eradicating poverty within its borders, a milestone that Egypt hopes to replicate.

Egypt, a leading nation in Africa and the Arab world, faces similar challenges in its fight against poverty. Historically, inadequate housing and infrastructure, especially in rural areas, have been significant obstacles. Mr. Kamal emphasized the importance of international cooperation and support, particularly from China. It is proposed that increased investment and economic projects between the two countries, highlighting the existing partnerships and the potential for more. Educational grants and knowledge exchanges, particularly in agriculture and infrastructure, were identified as key areas for collaboration.

China's success in creating job opportunities through trade, industry, and agriculture was particularly noted. Mr. Kamal suggested that China share its agricultural expertise, including mountain farming and land allocation strategies, with other developing nations. They believe that establishing agricultural partnerships and promoting human development through job creation can significantly reduce poverty.

Furthermore, Mr. Kamal recommended enhancing training programs and increasing educational grants for international students in China. They highlighted the positive global reception and successful outcomes of China's educational grants.

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