Chinese city awards "role model" title to heroine sacrificing life to stop knife attack

2024-July-3 11:29 By: Xinhua

NANJING, July 2 (Xinhua) -- The eastern Chinese city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, on Tuesday held a memorial service to mourn Hu Youping, who lost her life after attempting to stop a knife attack that injured two Japanese nationals, and presented a heroic role model certificate to her family.

The "Righteous and Courageous Role Model" certificate was presented by officials from the city's Party committee and the municipal government at the memorial. The Suzhou New District granted the title of "Righteous and Courageous Personnel" to three residents who risked their lives to help subdue the suspect together.

The memorial was attended by Hu's family, friends, government officials, and representatives of local citizens, the medical team that treated her, as well as foreigners in Suzhou.

To promote the spirit of acting bravely for justice, the city plans to establish the "Youping Fund for Righteous and Courageous Deeds" in her name to better commemorate and pay tribute to heroes.

Hu was seriously injured in the attack on June 24 at a bus stop in the Suzhou New District and died in hospital two days later.

A Japanese woman injured in the incident said Hu attempted to restrain the assailant targeting women and children, allowing the Japanese woman's son to escape. The attacker then turned to Hu and stabbed her before being subdued by passers-by and police patrol who rushed to the scene.

"If she hadn't tried to hold back the assailant, there could have been more victims," one eyewitness has said.

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