Egyptian official reviews similarities in poverty reduction strategic approaches between China, Egypt

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In a recent interview, Dr. Hany Elkordy, a representative of Egyptian Freedom Party, shed a light on the nation's ongoing efforts to combat poverty, drawing inspiration from China's exemplary development model. The official highlighted the significant progress observed during field visits to China and underscored the similarities in the strategic approaches being adopted by Egypt.

"China's development model and the recent field visits have demonstrated remarkable progress and exemplary development," the official stated. "In Egypt, we are following a similar path with numerous projects aimed at poverty reduction under the wise leadership of our political leaders."

Among the key initiatives mentioned were the "Decent Life" and "Solidarity and Dignity" projects, which are central to Egypt's strategy to alleviate poverty. However, one of the primary challenges identified is the continuous population growth. To address this, Egypt is focusing on urban expansion, real estate development, infrastructure projects, and various poverty reduction initiatives.

The official also emphasized the importance of international cooperation in tackling poverty and highlighted the extensive agricultural areas and green spaces observed in China. "This cooperation is not only with Egypt but with all countries worldwide, especially concerning the current global issue of climate change," the official noted. They explained that agricultural development in China has significantly contributed to poverty reduction and offered a solution to climate change by expanding green spaces, which helps reduce emissions and combat global warming.

China's use of alternative energy sources and efforts to minimize reliance on fossil fuels like gas and oil were also praised. "All these efforts deserve our appreciation and should serve as a model for other nations," the official added.

Reflecting on the success stories witnessed in China, the official called for more extended training sessions and multiple presentations to showcase these successful models. "These success stories are not just limited to a specific training period but require continuous training and more frequent exchanges," the official proposed. They emphasized the importance of fostering greater communication between Egypt, China, and other nations interested in learning from China's successful experience.

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