RYAN S. NAPIERSKI from NU SKIN: Deepening roots in the Chinese market to build a healthy China

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In recent years, China has vigorously implemented the “Healthy China” strategy, introducing a series of policy measures and launching health knowledge popularization campaigns, which have yielded significant results. Monitoring indicates that the health literacy level of Chinese residents has been steadily improving, reaching 29.70% in 2023.

With the continued implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy and optimization of the business environment for foreign investment, how can foreign companies deeply rooted in China's health industry align with the “Healthy China” strategy and lead industry trends in product and technological innovation? NU SKIN President and CEO RYAN S. NAPIERSKI stated that the company will continue to increase investment in China, strengthen product research and development innovation, as well as strive to provide consumers with even more outstanding products and services.

Continue to Innovate and Launch Products That Meet Diverse Needs

“The core of New Quality Productive Forces lies in innovation, which is the fundamental driver of continuous corporate progress,” NAPIERSKI said. Nu Skin has maintained a steadfast commitment to quality over the past forty years, continually innovating and developing a diverse array of beauty and wellness products for consumers worldwide.

Since officially entering the Chinese mainland market in 2003, Nu Skin has kept pace with the digital era, provided robust support for China's high-quality development through digital transformation, smart manufacturing, technological innovation, and green development. In the realm of digital and intelligent innovation, Nu Skin brings consumers an unprecedented beauty and wellness experience through ageLOC technology, using gene expression science to target the root causes of aging and applying these technologies to connected beauty and wellness devices to accurately meet consumers' expectations for personalized needs such as slenderness, beauty, and health.

Quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and only by ensuring the safety, effectiveness and stability of products can we win the trust and long-term support of consumers. NAPIERSKI pointed out that, with the improvement of national health awareness, consumers are more pursuing personalized and high-quality services and products. Nu Skin will adhere to the principle of product quality first, and control product quality from the source through 6S quality measures to meet consumers' diverse needs for more slender, more beautiful and healthier.

Increase Investment to Promote Continuous Release of Consumption Potential

“Nu Skin has been rooted in the Chinese market for 21 years, we have witnessed China's economic boom and benefited from the continuously improving business environment,” according to NAPIERSKI. In recent years, Nu Skin has been deeply aware of the huge potential and vitality of the Chinese market, focusing on local innovation and R&D, and continuing to increase its investment in China.

In 2023, Nu Skin invested 360 million yuan in the Nu Skin Greater China Innovation Park Phase Two, which has now been officially put into use, further enhancing production efficiency and providing strong support for Nu Skin's global business.

In recent years, a series of policies to stabilize the economy, promote opening-up, and attract foreign investment have continued to show results, and the conditions, environment and prospects for the development of foreign investment in China will become better and better. Market supervision authorities recently launched the "Key Measures to Optimize the Business Environment (2024 Edition)" to provide strong support for building the "Invest in China" brand and promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.

Commenting on Nu Skin's development in the Chinese market, NAPIERSKI emphasized that the Chinese market is not only an important pillar of Nu Skin's global business, but also a key force driving the transformation of the entire industry and the upgrading of consumer demand. He said that Nu Skin will continue to cultivate the Chinese market and continue to create a healthier, more beautiful and more confident future for consumers.

Work Together to Promote Sustainable Prosperity of the Big Health Market

With the introduction of favorable policies for the industry such as the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline and the "14th Five-Year Plan" National Health Plan, the scale of China's health industry continues to grow. The National Health Commission and other three departments recently jointly issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Improving National Health Literacy (2024-2027)", and launched the first national health literacy publicity month in the country.

"The key to promoting the development of China's big health industry lies in in-depth insight into current consumers,” NAPIERSKI said. He also pointed out that with the change of most people's lifestyles, the concept of healthy and green life has prompted consumers to pursue "healthy consumption" more, and more young people have joined the ranks of buying healthy consumer products, providing a broad space for the development of the beauty and health consumer goods market. In terms of products, the Internet of Things technology is used to upgrade beauty and health products to help users create personalized beauty and health programs; In terms of production, the company will further increase its investment in China, expand its product line, and leverage the automated and intelligent production lines in the second phase of Nu Skin's Greater China Innovation Headquarters Campus to efficiently empower development.

"In the future, Nu Skin will strengthen cooperation and exchanges with local Chinese companies, actively participate in industry exhibitions, learn from other brands' new technologies and ideas, understand consumer pain points and industry trends, and contribute to the sustainable prosperity of China's beauty and health consumer goods market,” NAPIERSKI said.

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