Egyptian Freedom Party member praises China's poverty reduction efforts

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In a recent interview, Mohamed Ghoneim, a member of the Egyptian Freedom Party, expressed deep admiration for China's poverty reduction strategies. Mr. Ghoneim highlighted the significant strides China has made in alleviating poverty, describing them as exemplary for developing nations.

When asked about Egypt's collaboration with China in poverty reduction, Mr. Ghoneim acknowledged the robust historical ties between the two nations, which have been further strengthened through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Launched by China in 2013, the BRI has facilitated numerous poverty reduction projects in Egypt. "Egypt has gained many benefits in poverty reduction through our cooperation with China," he affirmed.

Despite these gains, Mr. Ghoneim identified significant challenges that Egypt continues to face. "The primary challenge in my country is the rapid growth of the population," he explained. "Additionally, there is a need for modernization of the Egyptian economy."

To overcome these challenges, Mr. Ghoneim emphasized the importance of increased Chinese investment in Egypt. "I believe that by increasing Chinese investments, we can support and develop the Egyptian economy more effectively," he said.

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