CPC Centenary 1921-2021


  • 2021-07-01

    China holds ceremony celebrating CPC centenary

    A flag-raising ceremony is held during a grand gathering celebrating the Communist Party of China (CPC) centenary at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, capital of China, July 1, 2021.

  • 2021-06-29

    Hong Kong to issue stamps to commemorate CPC centenary

    Hongkong Post announced on Monday the release of a commemorative stamp issue and associated philatelic products on the theme of "the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC)" on July 1.

  • 2021-06-27

    Xi to confer July 1 Medal on CPC members

    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, will present the July 1 Medal to outstanding Party members at a ceremony to be held in the Great Hall of the People Tuesday morning.

  • 2021-06-25

    Diplomats visit CPC museum with Chinese foreign minister

    More than 100 foreign diplomats visited the exhibition of the Communist Party of China's (CPC) history in the Museum of the CPC at the invitation of Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday.

A century of progress

The Communist Party of China celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding in July. From the humble beginnings of its first national congress in Shanghai, the CPC now stands tall.After 72 years in power, it presides over the world's second-largest economy. China's GDP is estimated to be $14.7 trillion in 2020, second only to that of the United States which is estimated to be $20.9 trillion.

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