China's first cyberspace mimicry technology and industrial innovation alliance established in Nanjing

Nanjing,May 11(Guangming Online)-China's first cyberspace mimicry technology and industrial innovation alliance was established at the 2nd Global Future Network Development Summit in East China’s Nanjing, on May 11.The Alliance is guided by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s strategic thinking of turning the country into an Internet powerhouse. Through the establishment of a national trade organization that integrates industry, education and researc and realizes their complementary advantages, the alliance seeks to enhance innovation, promote the transformation of research achievements, and to upgrade capabilities.

Core technologies in the field of network information are at the forefronts of global innovation competition. Only by independent innovation and self-reliance can we claim full control of our own future, "overtake on a curve" and avoid losing strategic initiative.Ten years ago, Wu Jiangxing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Digital Switching System Engineering & Technological R&D Center, along with his team, aiming at the inherent problems and challenges in the cyberspace, put forward the theory of mimic defense, based on the generalized robust control structure of endogenous mimicry defense security effect theory.In 2013, the basic principle of the theory underwent engineering implementation and theoretical verification in the world's first prototype of mimicry computer, and was elected one of "China's ten major scientific and technological progresses" in the same year.Jointly launched by a dozen institutions including the NDSC and Shanghai Red Array Information Technology Co., LTD., the alliance is comprised of dozens of leading research institutions and companies in the field of information technologies, including China Electronics Technology Group, China Unicom, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Broadband Technology & Application Engineering Research Center.

Next, taking advantage of the best available resources of all stakeholders, the alliance will build specialized mechanisms for information release, technology dissemination, technological exchanges and cooperation as well as talent training, create a biosphere that is conducive to the sustainable development of mimicry technologies and industry, unite all those interested in new types of computation and safety precautions to promote continuous innovation in core, critical technologies, build a bridge between product development and application, speed up the industrialization process, promote the accelerated growth of new technologies, new industries and new business models, build more innovation-driven industrial growth poles,and to make solid contributions to the building of an internet great power.

At the inauguration of the alliance, Wu Jiangxing pointed out our country stands at a critical turning point on its way toward becoming an internet powerhouse, the development of core technologies must take advantage of such new models as mass innovation, crowdfunding, and crowdsourcing, so as to accelerate transformation of the technological achievements of original innovation.Cyberspace mimicry defense technologies have gone through basic theoretical research and validation, in the future, the alliance will strive to become a global industry leader and contribute a complete “Chinese solution” to a new order of cyber-security through joint efforts in such fields as technology, industry and policy.

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