Cute children display Mandarin Duck Mantis Boxing

Mandarin Duck Mantis Boxing (Yuanyang Tanglang Boxing): Cute children display Mandarin Duck Mantis Boxing. So lovely!

Cute children display Mandarin Duck Mantis Boxing

Mantis Boxing (Tanglang Quan) is a classical Chinese martial system founded in Shandong, most likely during the Kangxi

reign (1662-1722) of the Qing Dynasty. The style’s foundation is attributed to alleged anti-Qing rebel Wang Lang, who

in popular folklore is said to have created it after observing a mantis attacking and killing a cicada. The historical

accuracy of the foundation legend (and its multiple variants) is tenuous at best, but the system is said to have been

passed down by the monks of Laoshan for almost one hundred years before transmission beyond the temples of the



Qingcheng martial art (Qingcheng Kung Fu): powerful like a pin tree and fast like the wind. See the really Qingcheng Kung Fu!

Cute children display Mandarin Duck Mantis Boxing

Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan province is one of the earliest and most important centers of Taoism. Over the millennia

the 36 peaks of Qingcheng Mountain have been home to hermits, outlaws, monks, priests, and many temples. From these

sources, many unique styles of martial arts have developed. #kungfu #Chineseculture



Amazing traditional artwork of Liuli (coloured glaze) in Beijing

Cute children display Mandarin Duck Mantis Boxing

Sugar Painting: See traditional Chinese sugar painting! Unique skill you've never seen before!

Sugar Painting is a traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot, liquid sugar to create two dimensional figures. This snack is popular among children. Selecting a figure is normally determined by spinning the arrow on a wheel.



Olive nut carving: excellent craftsman's work

Cute children display Mandarin Duck Mantis Boxing

One olive nut, few strokes, make a whole new world.

Ming Dynasty post Wei Xueyi once wrote: There is a skillful master who carves pavilions, people, beasts, and trees on a single nut, size of a finger tip. An olive nut carries serenity and peace of mind. Vessel is the most common motif. There are over twenty knives carve different features.

Inspired by an ancient text, it tells a story of a poet Sushi crossing the sea.

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