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Charming Daqing——City of green petrochemical industry, natural lakes and hot spring in north China

Daqing, a key node city along the “China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor” and of the Harbin-Changchun group of cities, has five districts and four countries, a national-level high and new tech development zone and a national-level economic and technological development zone, covering 21,000 square kilometers with the population of 3.2 million.

As the city of petrochemical industry, Daqing keeps the record of crude output, expenses of taxation and producible oil index in China, and it plays the leading role in the world in petroleum exploration and development technology. Its crude processing capacity reaches 15 million tons and the output value of its petrochemical industry is over 100 billion yuan. Its alternative industries including automobile, equipment manufacturing, advanced material, food processing and biological medicine are getting stronger and stronger. Strategic leading enterprises like Volvo embrace a good development trend. And there are over 30 listed firms in Daqing.

Daqing is also called the ecological city in north China. The city has many ecological parks and squares. As the only national environmental protection model city and national ecological garden city in the northeast, it has 640,000 hectares of wetland and there were 319 days with good air quality in 2017. It also ranks in China’s city brand Top 100 Cities, and it ranks at the 53rd in ecological city health index and 54th in health and livable cities. It’s famous for the tourist brands like oil culture, ecological wetland, remote antiquity culture, hot spring and charming ice and snow programs.

As the inclusive and open city, Daqing has put more efforts into building a city of etiquette and morality. It has been awarded as the advanced area of the reform of cultural administrative system in past successive three years. In 2017, the Mid-autumn Festival Gala was held in Daqing for the first time. And some major sports events like Snooker International Championship, ITU Triathlon World Championships and International marathon are also held in Daqing.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]


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