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In Sino-US Game, opportunity and time are on China’s side

On June 2, a white paper, China's Position on the China-US Economic and Trade Consultations, was released by the State Council Information Office, stressing that “During consultations, a country’s sovereignty and dignity must be respected, and any agreement reached by the two sides must be based on equality and mutual benefit.

On major issues of principle, China will not back down.” The white paper also points out that China will act rationally in the interests of the Chinese people, the American people, and all other peoples around the world. However, China will not bow under pressure and will rise to any challenge coming its way. China is open to negotiation, but will also fight to the end if needed.

As the Sino-US economic and trade frictions escalate, although there is still a gap between China and the United Stated in comprehensive national strength, counting in such factors as aspiration of the people, development potential, governing team and international atmosphere, opportunities and time are on China’s side.

The U.S. shows its weakness

Since the second quarter of 2019, the U.S. economy is showing weakness, and the industrial index, retail sales and freight index are showing a continuous downward trend. Most industry observers have downgraded their expectations for U.S. economic growth, arguing that the U.S. is facing a “substantial and growing” downside economic risk.

The global leadership of the United States is continually weakening, and the uncertainty of its own policies make itself lose international credibility. Scholars from Europe and America believe that, the “withdrawal diplomacy” of the United States just reflects the fact that the strength of the U.S. is relatively weakening and it is unable to bear high cost of governance. It also reflects that the liberalist order led by the U.S. has encountered problems and needs to be adjusted and upgraded.

China has long-term development potentials with the U.S., the rise of China has entered a period of high-quality development of “intensive and meticulous farming”. In terms of diplomacy, China’s international diplomatic status has been promoted constantly. China actively assumes the responsibilities as a major country, and participates in the reform, remodeling and upgrading of international rules with new philosophies about globalization and civilization.

In terms of economy, domestic development has entered a new era. From 2008 to 2018, China’s GDP grew from about $4 trillion to about $13 trillion, with its proportion in the global total rising from about 7.2% to 16%.

In science and technology, the 5G age provides an opportunity for China to overtake on a bend. Huawei’s leadership in 5G technology has broken the blockade of international communication technology in Europe and the U.S., which has greatly enhanced China’s voice in the telecommunications industry. 

Maintain strategic composure and adapt to external storms

Comparing China with the U.S., we can find that China has the advantage of long-term development than the U.S. We cannot lose confidence in China’s future development. What China needs to do is to recognize the essence of the game between China and the U.S. and move forward steadily at its own pace.As the white paper pointed out, China’s development may not be all smooth sailing. Difficulties or even perils are inevitable. Whatever the future might bring, China is confident in meeting challenges head on, turning risks into opportunities, and opening new chapters.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]