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International academic exchange and cooperation must not be interdicted

In a new statement released by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on June 2, it lifted restrictions on editorial and peer review activities by employees of Huawei and its affiliates. The farce indicates that the US government’s attempt to interdict China-US cooperation on science and technology and academic exchange goes against the will of the people and is bound o fail.

It is absurd, serious, crazy and unworkable to consolidate its own economic, political and military hegemony through interdicting normal exchanges in science and technology and culture among countries and defending its own hegemony in science and technology by cracking down on competitors.

In the circumstance of growing economic globalization and inseparable ecosystem of interwoven global innovation chain, production chain, supply chain and value chain, the US government has mistakenly chosen the crucial China-US cooperation in science and technology and academic exchange as its target of attack. However, it is bound to fail and be laughed at by the international community because of the broad and close interdependence that has developed globally.

In fact, the US government’s trick that harms others without benefiting itself not only goes against generally acknowledged truth, morality and justice, but also will make itself embraced.

The US government interdicting academic exchanges and cooperation is boycotted and criticized by circles of science and technology, social sciences and businesses as well as governments of many countries.

The ban by the US government will be proven to be a worthless card against China, who is getting stronger in economy and technology.

More and more countries and peoples will see the US government’s true colors through its policies and actions that is against the historical trend. As for exchanges and cooperation in science and technology and culture, countries will be encouraged to enhance independent innovation and academic exchanges and cooperation.

Contributed by Dai Changzheng for Guangming Daily

Translated by Zhang Zhou

[ Editor: WPY ]