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China shows broad mind as a major power in China-US trade friction: Cambodian Deputy PM Hor Namhong

"The US initiating the trade war against China harms others without benefiting itself, and it is irresponsible," said Hor Nambong, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister, in an interview with Guangming Daily. What China has done to cope with the trade war is reasonable, showing its broad mind as a major power.

Hor Nambong pointed out that a series of measures taken by the US in the trade war were against relevant principles of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the process of economic globalization, and the historical trend of common development of all countries. Countries and international organizations in the world, including Cambodia and the IMF, attach high attention to it. What the US has done not only impacted other countries, but also harmed Americans’ interests.

Hor Nambong said that the fundamental cause of the China-US economic and trade friction is that the US is trying to crack down on the rapidly developing China through trade. China is praised by the rest of the world for its reasonable approach to the trade friction and the broad mind as a major power. He believes that facing any challenge from the outside environment, China’s development momentum will not be influenced, China will develop fast in economic and other fields, and Chinese people’s living standards will also continue improving.

 In the face of challenges and problems in the world, countries need interconnection more than before, cooperation is the fundamental solution. So Hor Nambong is optimistic about the prospect of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Hor Nambong said that Cambodia firmly supports the “Belt and Road” initiative. "Based on the experiences of Cambodia’s participation in the initiative," he said, "the initiative will be successful and will bring new development opportunities, promote mutually-beneficial cooperation, and benefit to all sides."

Contributed by Cao Yuanlong and Zhang Guosheng, Guangming Daily reporters

Translated by Zhang Zhou

[ Editor: WPY ]