Li Faxiu:inheritor of the Qinghai Tu circle embroidery

我是李发秀,土族 My name is Li Faxiu, a member of the Tu ethic group

也是(国家级)非物质文化遗产(项目)土族盘绣的(国家级)代表性传承人 I’m the representative inheritor of the Qinghai Tu circle embroidery, a national-level intangible cultural heritage

我们土族是(在)青海海东的互助土族自治县 We live at Huzhu Tu Autonomous County in Haidong City, northwest China’s Qinghai province

互助土族自治县是彩虹的故乡, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County is a land of rainbows

我们穿的衣服也是彩虹一样的七彩绣 The clothes we wear are embroidered in seven colors like rainbow

我们绣的绣品颜色也是彩虹一样的搭配 The colors of our embroidery are the same as that of the rainbow

我们土族盘绣是一千多年的历史。 Qinghai Tu circle embroidery has a history of more than 1,000 years

土族盘绣是(和)其他绣法不同的 Our approach to embroidery is different from other styles

我们盘绣是两根线绣的 We use two threads

一根线是上面绕一圈放一针的 One thread is wound around it with a needle

下面的是固定的缝的,拿两根线缝的。 The other one - the one beneath it, is fixed for sewing, with two threads

我们土族盘绣有不同的花纹 The Qinghai Tu circle embroidery has different patterns

主要就是富贵不断图,是太阳花、富贵鸟这样的。 The main theme is wealth, featuring such symbols as sunflowers and birds of wealth

现在我做的盘绣是我老公给我帮画花样的,我就一边绣的 My husband would draw the patterns before I embroider

现在学生八百多人吧 We have more than 800 students now

我们列入了文化遗产以后 After we were put on the cultural heritage list

这几年不断地培训班 We have opened lot of training sessions

各个场子、村上不停地办培训班。 Training courses are being held in various venues and villages

我的孙女现在就是跟我学盘绣 My granddaughter is learning embroidery from me now

我们土族盘绣带动妇女劳动就业。 Our Qinghai Tu circle embroidery promoted women's employment

生活条件有很大改善了。 And changed their lives

现在我们互助县旅游的人多了 Now we have more tourists coming to our county

我们的文化就传播出去了 Our culture is being appreciated and understood by more people

我希望我们中国以后越来越强大 I hope China will be stronger and stronger in the future

我们的土族人民生活越来越美 The lives of us Tu people become happier and happier

我们土族文化传播出去,更多地人知道我们土族文化 I’ll try to promote our Tu culture, and let more people know about our culture

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