Ke Cuiling:inheritor of the Yugu traditional costume

我叫柯翠玲 裕固族 My name is Ke Cuiling,a member of the Yugu ethic group

是国家级非遗项目裕固族服饰传承人 I’m the representative inheritor of the Yugu traditional costume, a national-level intangible cultural heritage

我们裕固族自治县, 在祁连山北路, 在河西走廊中部 Our (Sunan) Yugu Autonomous County is to the north of Qilian Mountains and in the middle of the Hexi Corridor

我们这面的气候是四季分明 We have four distinct seasons

昼夜温差比较大 with large temperature differences between day and night

我们这个民族尽管历尽艰辛 Although our ethnic group has gone through many hard times,

但是我们是热爱生活的民族 we love our life

他走到哪里, 歌会唱到哪里 Wherever they go, they will not stop singing

走到谁家都会比比 Whichever household they visit

男人的荷包绣的漂亮不漂亮 They'll compare men's purses to find out whether they are beautifully embroidered

女人的衣服绣的怎么样 The same is true about women’s clothes

现在来说要是到家里来作客的话 Now, if there are visitors at home

我肯定会敬上青稞酒 献上哈达 I would offer them highland barley wine, and hada

那么肯定是把最好的吃的 and offer the best food

我们要拿出来让游客来品尝。 to the guests.

我民族非常热爱自己的生活 We love our life very much

把自己的热爱生活的一部分 And put our love of life

都体现在了民族服饰方面 Into our traditional costumes

像我们现在说到红缨穗吧 Like the red tassel we are talking about

我现在戴的我们是西八个家的这个戴的这个帽子 The hat I am wearing

有些部落老人们讲 Some tribal elders say

那是我们头顶上有光芒嘛 That’s the light around our heads

希望阳光每天照在头顶上的意思嘛 Wishing the sun would shine above us every day

我们裕固族的服饰 Our traditional costumes

制作流程是非常地多 Have a very complicated production process

不管是从裁减 Whether it is from the tailoring of a garment

它的手工缝制的工艺 Or its hand-stitched technique

到了最后一个完工的 Even to the finishing touches

一个完整的衣服 A complete garment

就包括做一个扣子 Including making a button

它也是非常费工夫的。 Also takes much time and energy

服饰文化不仅仅就是一个服装可以饱暖的事情 Traditional costumes culture is not just about a piece of clothing that can keep people warm

而是它上面有很多工艺性的,艺术性的东西 but it has a lot to do with craftsmanship, and the artistic aspects

所以说 So,

我们这边现在要穿民族服装 We are now wearing ethnic costumes here

大家都是觉得一个就是 Everybody thinks

体现民族的自豪感。 It can reflect our national pride.

现在我们这个,裕固族的服饰传承这一块,就是做的非常好了 The inheritance of Yugu costume has proceeded very well

我现在带出来的徒弟得有20几个 I have more than 20 disciples now

我还有几个大徒弟 I have some early disciples

也都自己可以带徒弟 They can teach their own disciples

办培训班了 And offer training courses

我希望每个孩子走出去 I hope every child can go out

都了解自己裕固族的文化 Know about Yugu traditional culture

自己有怎样一个历史 As well as what kind of history they have

怎样一个手工技艺 And what a traditional craft is about.

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