Magazhuma:inheritor of the Bao'an broadsword

我叫马尕主麻,保安族, My name is Magazhuma,a member of the Bao'an ethic group.

是国家级非物质文化遗产保安腰刀锻制技艺国家级代表性传承人 I'm the representative inheritor of the Bao'an broadsword, a national-level intangible cultural heritage.

保安族在甘肃省临夏州积石山县保安族东乡族撒拉族自治县 We live at Bao’an, Dongxiang and Salar Autonomous County in Jishishan Country of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Gansu Province.

保安族还是保安腰刀得名的 Bao’an ethic group is famous for its Bao'an broadsword.

我们保安腰刀有800多年的历史了, Bao'an broadsword has a history of more than 800 years,

那是成吉思汗西征的时候留下来的 It was a legacy of Genghis khan's expedition to the west.

以前我们的保安族,像一些刀是男女定亲的信物 In the past, some broadswords were used as tokens for betrothal

青年在接亲的时候就用这个鸳鸯双刀, The bridegroom use such Mandarin Duck double broadswords when they greet his bride.

一个刀鞘里有两把刀嘛,永远不分离吧 There are two knives in a scabbard, which means never to be separated.

子母刀的特点就是一把大刀、一把小刀, The characteristic of the Zimu knives is a big knife and a small one in one scabbard.

它的含义就是母亲送给儿子的 It means that the mother gave it to her son.

我手里面拿的这把刀叫什样锦。 The knife in my hand called Shiyangjin.

它的刀柄上有10种工艺 It takes 10 techniques to make the handle.

保安腰刀有80多道工序, Bao'an broadsword making has more than 80 procedures,

主要是加钢、淬火、锻打这一类的 Mainly procedures like adding steel, quenching and forging.

刀的这个硬度、锋利度好不好, Whether the hardness and sharpness of the knife is good,

关键在这个淬火方面。淬火其实是这个刀的主要的核心部位 Rests mainly on quenching. Quenching is a core procedure in making this knife.

锻打主要是它的性能,它的硬度、韧性好不好,主要是掌握在锻打。然后这个花纹,锻打的次数越多地它的花纹越漂亮、越细腻 The performance of a knife mainly depends on forging, whether its hardness and toughness is good, mainly depends on forging.

保安族腰刀给我们保安族人留下了丰厚的文化遗产 The Bao'an broadsword has left a rich cultural heritage to the Bao'an ethic group.

我们保安族孩子成年后,就是父母可以送给他一把刀 When children of the Bao'an ethic group grow up, their parents will give them a knife.

这把刀是我爷爷传给我父亲的,我父亲传给我,我又把这把刀传给我儿子,我们把我们保安腰刀的锻造技艺一代一代地传承下去 This knife was passed from my grandfather to my father, my father to me, and I passed this knife to my son. We pass on the forging skills of our Bao'an broadsword from generation to generation.

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