Li Sufang:inheritor of the Yao traditional costume making technique

我叫李素芳,我是瑶族 My name is Li Sufang, a member of the Yao ethic group

我的家乡是在广西壮族自治区贺州市 We live at Hezhou City, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

我也是国家级非物质文化遗产代表性项目瑶族服饰制作技艺传承人。 I’m the representative inheritor of the Yao traditional costume making technique, a national-level intangible cultural heritage

瑶族的支系非常地多 There are many branches of the Yao ethic group

我这套服装是属于勉语支系 This suit I'm wearing belongs to the Mian-language branch

我现在戴的,我们也称它为“尖头帽” The hat I'm wearing is what we call "Jiantou Mao"(pointed-end hat).

它的层次越高、帽子越大,就是越富有 The higher and bigger the hat is, the richer the wearer is supposed to be

瑶族有自己的语言,没有自己的文字 We Yao people have our own language, but don't have our own writing

所以我们服饰上的图案就是我们的一部史书 The patterns on our costumes are a history of us

每一个图案都有它固定的一个意义 Each pattern has a specific meaning

固定的一个故事在里面 A specific story

所以我们在刺绣的过程当中 So in the process of embroidering

这些图案我们是不能去改变它的 We can't change these patterns

我们像现在创新也只能是改变它的材质 The only innovation we can do now is to change the material,

适当地改变它的颜色。 to change the color appropriately.

盘王印图案是我们最经典的图案 "The seal of King Pan" is our most classic pattern

有一种就是吉祥的一个意义 There is a sense of auspiciousness,

也是一个带着很美的一个爱情故事 but also a very beautiful love story behind it

我们把这个图案绣在服装上面,绣在饰品上面 We embroider this pattern on clothes, on accessaries

在2016年的时候 In 2016

我们的盘王印章被联合国选用作为商业笔记本的封面上的装饰 The King Pan seal pattern was chosen by the United Nations as the decoration on the cover of a commercial notebook

所以贺州的瑶绣也从此走向了国际的舞台 The Yao embroidery of Hezhou has thus gone out to the international stage

瑶族服饰它也号称“五色衣” Traditional Yao costume is also called "five-color clothes".

不管多热不管多重我都会穿我的瑶族服装 No matter how hot it is or how heavy it is, I always wear my Yao costume

当我穿上瑶族服饰的时候,非常地自信 When I wear my Yao costume, I feel confident

穿上普通的服装出去因为我不算什么 because in ordinary everyday clothes I'm just like anyone else

我不知道我是谁,别人更不知道我是谁 I don't know who I am, and nobody knows who I am

当我穿上这个服装的时候,大家都知道我是干吗的 When I wear this costume, everybody knows what I do

我是什么民族的,我们的服装有多美。 What ethic group I belong to and how beautiful our clothes are.

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