Li Haishu:inheritor of the Sixian Dance Music

(女方言)我叫李海术,是普米族, My name is Li Haishu, a member of Pumi Ethnic Group.

 我的家乡是云南省怒江州兰坪白族普米族自治县, My hometown is Lanping Bai and Pumi Autonomous County in Nujiang Prefecture, southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

我是非物质文化遗产省级项目四弦舞乐代表性传承人。 I’m the representative inheritor of the Sixian Dance Music, a provincial-level intangible cultural heritage.

我们四弦琴(也)是羊头琴, Our Sixian, a four-stringed plucked instrument, is (also) a goat-head fiddle.

还有一个乐器是口弦。 Another instrument is called bamboo harmonica.

我们的民族文化是一代一代传承下来的 Our Pumi culture has been passed down from generation to generation.

爸爸就教我弹这个四弦, My father taught me how to play the Sixian.

(我跟)我妈妈是学弹口弦。 (I learnt) how to play the bamboo harmonica from my mother.

(女方言)去年我们去了欧洲斯洛伐克,捷克,两个国家 Last year, we went to two European countries, Slovakia and Czech,

参加他们的艺术节, to participate in their cultural festivals.

观众相当多, There was a large audience.

当时觉得能够把我们的民族文化这种宣传出去(是)很自豪的一件事情。 We felt very proud to introduce our traditional culture to an overseas audience.

 (男普通话)2014年,(法国)罗纳一个市里的大学邀请我们(去表演), In 2014, a university in Rhône, (France), invited us (to perform)

都是得到了他们当地民众或者群体非常的重视。 Local people and institutions attached great importance to our performance.

(男普通话)普米族就是一个自然崇拜的一个民族, Pumi people worship the nature.

所以普米族的这个文化里面,他对山是有敬畏, Therefore, in Pumi people’s culture, they regard mountains with reverence.

所以说不砍树, We don’t cut the trees down.

我要保护大树, We want to protect trees.

保护森林保护家园的一个民族。 Pumi people protect forest like protecting our home.

(男普通话)在我小的时候 When I was a child,

一个就是没有电,一个就没有公路。 there was no electric power nor highway.

我们去一个地方的话, If we went to another place,

需要马当这个交通工具。 we took horse as means of transportation.

然后慢慢的交通通了,电有了, Gradually, we had highways and electric power.

生活不断的开始变化。 Our lives constantly changed.

(女方言)现在国家政策也是越来越好, Now the polices are good.

我们的民族文化(发展)也是越来越好, Our ethnic culture develops better

下一步我们兰坪还建机场等等方面, Next, an airport and other infrastructures will also be built in Lanping.

这个村子里面的生活也是越来越好了。 Lives in our village are getting better.

[ Editor: WPY ]


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