Bohanbing:inheritor of Dai Elephant-foot Drum Dance

我是波罕丙,傣族, My name is Bohanbing, a member of the Dai ethnic group.

我家乡在西双版纳勐腊县曼旦村。 My hometown is in Mandan Village of Mengla County in Xishuangbanna, southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

我也是傣族象脚鼓舞传承人。 I’m the inheritor of Dai Elephant-foot Drum Dance.

我十七十八岁就开始收徒。 I began to accept apprentices when I was seventeen or eighteen years old.

后面我们每年都一直在坚持把这个象脚鼓舞教给我们寨子里的年轻人,一直到做到现在, Then every year we teach the Dai Elephant-foot Drum Dance to young people in our village until now.

我们在节日的时候,不管我们去寺庙里面祭拜,傣历新年,关门节,开门节, When our festivals come, including worshiping in temples, Dai Calendar New Year, Closing Doors Festival, Opening Doors Festival,

这些都需要我们这些最传统的舞蹈。 these most traditional dances are needed.

这才是我们傣族最好的生活,最好的娱乐 This is the best life and best entertainment of us Dai people.

很多人来到西双版纳旅游最主要的目的就是能住到傣家,能吃到傣味,能体验到我们傣族的文化。看傣族的泼水节。 Most people travel to Xishuangbanna mainly for staying in Dai people’s houses, eating Dai food, experiencing Dai culture and watching the Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai people.

现在我演出更多的就是在我们传习所那里, Now I mainly perform at the training school.

我们经常接团,为了给更多人到我们家来看象脚鼓舞. We have always received touring parties so as to let more people come to our home to watch the Dai Elephant-foot Drum Dance.

因为我还做酒杯,还要做这个挂项链的小鼓。属于说旅游的纪念品, I also make wine bowls and the small drums for necklaces, which are tourist souvenirs.

因为自己想把这个制作象脚鼓的这些文化,第一个是传承,第二是传播, Because I want to inherit and spread the culture of making Dai Elephant-foot Drums

对自己的宣传更好更大。 It’s a better way to let more people know it.

现在单单传承也不行, At present, I’m not just inheriting the dance.

就是说给我们的学生看一下,现在传承人是怎么过生活, I also show my students how inheritors are living.

不然的话你后面的学生,他就看了你,你走不过去,他就不会跟你学。 Otherwise, students won’t follow you if they see you don’t live well.

老师能过的生活我就去跟老师学,那么老师连生活都过不了,我就先就不来了。 If the teacher lives a better life, students may want to learn from him, if he can’t even make ends meet, students won’t even try it.

从我们西双版纳建设这些旅游以后,就人越来越多, Since tourism thrived in Xihuangbannan, more and more tourists have come here,

对我们的这个文化越来越好。 which is bringing increasing benefits to our culture

对我们的这个做文化的这个保护、传承、传播、发扬,各种各样都提高, And the protection, inheritance, spreading and development of our culture are also improving.

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