Su Mei:a provincial-level inheritor of Hanika

我是苏梅 达斡尔族 I’m Su Mei, a member of the Daur ethnic group.

我的家乡是莫力达瓦达斡尔族自治旗 My hometown is Morin Dawa Daur Autonomous Banner (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region).

我现在是自治区级哈尼卡保护项目的省级传承人 I’m a provincial-level inheritor of Hanika, a regional-level conservation project.

达斡尔族只有语言 没有文字 We have our own language, but we don’t have our own writing system.

哈尼卡是达斡尔传统的纸偶玩具 “Hanika” is traditional Daur paper doll toy

通俗来说就跟汉族小女孩过家家一样 Generally speaking, it is just like those popular in little Han girls

早期达斡尔族女孩是没有自己的布娃娃的 Daur girls had no dolls of their own in the past

所以我们就在母亲还有长辈女性的带领下 So we were led by our mothers and by our female elders

自己用剪刀制作这个小玩具 To make this little toy with scissors

复演生活中的一些细节 Replaying some of the details of daily life

长辈们也通过带领我们玩哈尼卡 The elders, through play “Hanika” with us

把达斡尔族传统的一些美好的礼仪 Teaching us some excellent Daur traditional etiquette,

无形中就教授给孩子们 in such a manner

哈尼卡的造型 Hanika’s styling

妇女这个头饰纹样就非常典型地 The pattern of women's headdress is very typical

反映了达斡尔族农耕文化 Reflecting the Daur agricultural civilization

比如说蝴蝶纹样 植物纹样 小鸟 凤凰等等 For example, butterfly pattern, plant pattern, bird pattern, phoenix pattern and so on

身体是圆锥型的 可以站立摆放 The body is conical and it can be placed in a upright position

可以给哈尼卡做一些外套的服装 长坎肩 漂亮的花边 装饰 So we can make some outerwear, long vests, pretty lace and embellishments for Hanika dolls

甚至它手里 哈尼卡手里可以拿着一些小道具 Even in their hands, Hanika can hold some little items

这几年 我们把哈尼卡做成一些小挂件 书签 还有一些毛绒玩具 手机套 In recent years, we made Hanika into little trinkets, bookmarks, stuffed animals, phone cases

哈尼卡现在有一部分是走入产业化吧 Part of Hanika is now industrialized

感谢时代 感谢国家 We are grateful to the times, and to the country

保护少数民族文化 重视少数民族文化 For protecting and attaching importance to the culture of ethnic minorities

我们这些传承人吧 心里也充满希望 充满更多地期待 We, as inheritors, are also full of hope and expectation

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