Baketinu’er·A’eryehazi:inheritor of the Kazakh traditional art

我叫巴克提怒尔·阿尔叶哈孜 哈萨克族 My name is Baketinu’er·A’eryehazi,a member of the Kazakh Ethnic Group

我是国家级非物质文化遗产代表性项目,哈萨克族冬不拉艺术州级传承人 I’m a prefecture-level inheritor of the Kazakh traditional art, Dombra, a national-level intangible cultural heritage

我们哈萨克族主要居住在新疆伊犁 We live at Yili, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

哈萨克人把冬不拉乐曲称之为“冬不拉奎依” The Kazakh people call the music of Dombra "Dombra kuiyi".

根据音乐结构和演奏技法不同 Depending on the musical structure and performing technique

分为“托克别奎依” (弹击乐曲) It is divided into "Tuokebie kuiyi"(jerk and blow music)

和“切尔特别奎依”(拔奏乐曲)两大类 And “Qie’er’tebie kuiyi”(Pizz Strings music)

冬不拉制作3至10天 A Dombra takes 3 to 10 days to make

构成头部 中部 下部 It has a head, a middle part, and a bottom part

主要用松树 杏树 核桃树 桑葚树等木材制作乐器主体 The main body of the musical instrument is made of pine, apricot, walnut, mulberry and other woods

弦以前是用羊肠子制作 Strings used to be made of sheep intestines

现在改用冬不拉专用弦 Now we use special Dombra strings

制作过程中 In the process of making

冬不拉弧形形状是最难的 The curved shape of Dombra is the most difficult part

冬不拉艺术由乐曲 The Dombra art consists of musical composition

弹唱音乐 music for playing and singing,

民间舞蹈音乐 music for folk dance,

演奏方法与技巧 playing methods and techniques,

乐器与制作工艺五大部分组成 musical instruments and production techniques, these five parts

我们哈萨克族是马背上的民族 The Kazakhs are people on horseback

我们热情好客 We are hospitable

能歌善舞 热爱和平 We are good at singing and dancing, and peace-loving

我们会用本民族美食 We will use ethnic delicacies

包括羊肉 马肉 牛肉和马奶子 including mutton, horse meat and beef, horse milk,

酸奶 奶茶等哈萨克族特色美食 Yogurt, milk tea and other Kazakh specialties

迎接客人 To greet our guests

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