Beijing, a very interesting place

Nihao are you? 你好吗?

I'm Rick. 我是李柯我是李柯

I'm an American, and I've lived in Chinese places for more than half of my life so far. 我是美国人 但我在中国过了大半辈子

I lived in Beijing twenty-two years. 我在北京生活了二十二年

The first time I came to Beijing, 我还记得第一次来北京时

I remember the airport and I remember the red brick buildings, 这里的机场和红砖建筑

It was kind of cool to go to an older part of China, and there was my first impression being that as well. 能够在中国看到这样一个有年代感的地方确实很酷 这是我对北京的第一印象

The old places have, kind of, gone away, and I do miss some of the old little shops. 现在 一些老地方已经消失了 我很怀念以前街边的小卖部

You know, the little place where I could buy something, a little drink or something like that on the street, 在那儿我可以买点喝的 还有其他小东西

which is much more interesting, much more specific. (这让我的生活)更有趣 更充实

So is Beijing a modern city, might be the question, and the answer is definitely. 北京是一座现代都市吗?答案肯定的

And the high-speed trains, unbelievable, that you can go anywhere from Beijing. 这里的高铁简直不可思议 你可以乘坐它从北京去任何地方

It's so easy to get around, so I'd say, 到北京周边旅游很方便 但同时

a lot of culture has been preserved in Beijing. 北京也保存了很多文化

If people did come here, they can easily go to the tourist places and see them and actually enjoy them and learn something. 人们来到北京 一般会去景点参观 享受旅行的同时也了解了这里的文化

You will go to the Forbidden City, you’ll go to the Great Wall, you'll go to Summer Palace, and places like that. 会去故宫 长城 颐和园 这些景点

I would take them to a place that I like to go to mostly which is Houhai. 我会推荐他们去后海 那是我喜欢去的地方

And if they are my good friends, I'll tell them to bring their skates because Hanbing. 我会让朋友们带上旱冰鞋 去滑旱冰

I like to roller skate around the city, I've been doing it for twenty years. 我喜欢在城市里滑旱冰 我已经滑了二十年了

I'm working on podcasts right now. 我现在正在做播客

In my podcasts what I'm doing is I'm making podcast for people outside of China. 我的播客面向中国以外的听众

They want me to talk about China and presented in a way that they'll understand overseas. 我会用他们能够理解的方式来讲讲中国

Most people know very, very little about China. 许多人对中国知之甚少

They know about the Great Wall that's about it. 他们只知道长城

Maybe, maybe Jackie Chan may be Bruce Lee. 可能还有成龙和李小龙

But my objective is to give them an idea of real life in Beijing, what people really do in Beijing and the variety of things in Beijing. 我的目标是让他们了解北京的真实生活 知道北京人在做什么 知道北京的各种事物

I don't need to know there's a million people listening. 我不关心听众能不能达到百万

I just need to know that some people listen to it, enjoy it and could understand a little bit about Beijing, just by listening to the podcast. 我只想知道确实有人在听我的播客 他们喜欢它 能够通过它对北京有一些了解

Beijing 北京

It's a very interesting place. 这是一个非常有趣的地方

I can appreciate living in that kind of environment 我很感激能生活在这样的环境中

and I'd like to be giving them something to tune in for. 我也希望能通过播客让世界更加了解北京

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