American companies representing top spot at second CIIE while U.S.-China trade talks achieved substantial progress

BEIJING, October 29 (Guangming Online)--The United States will have 192 companies participating in the second China International Import Expo (CIIE), whose exhibition area represents the top spot, said Assistant Commerce Minister Ren Hongbin, also Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of the expo, on Tuesday.

The number of American companies that will participate in this year’s CIIE has increased by 18 percent year on year, with their combined exhibition areas rising to 47,500 square meters.

According to Ren at a news conference on Tuesday, the participating companies and purchasers at the first CIIE have reached a target turnover of 57.83 billion dollars. Those transactions at the first CIIE were generally completed in the last year, with an over-90-percent completion rate, so that three parties - the participating companies, purchasers and consumers - can benefit.

With greater participation and support from all parties, the quality of the expo will be higher and higher as its impacts and spillover effects grow.

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