Expedition to the XXXII Olympiad –Chinese delegation officially established

The Chinese sports delegation to the 32nd Summer Olympic Games was announced in Beijing on the 14th of this month. The delegation includes 431 athletes, who will compete in 30 sports.

The Games of the XXXII Olympiad will open on July 23 in Japan. This Olympics sets 33 sports, 50 disciplines, and 339 events and produces the most gold medals in history. The Chinese delegation only did not get places in three sports including handball as well as the newly added baseball/softball and surfing. Chinese delegation has registered for full participation in such events as archery, modern pentathlon, weightlifting, diving, synchronized swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, shooting, golf, riding, and karate. At present, the delegation’s COVID vaccination rate has reached 99.61%.

At the moment of the Chinese delegation's establishment, pioneers had already arrived in Tokyo. On July 10, the Chinese yachting team arrived at Tokyo Haneda airport from Beijing, becoming the first Chinese athletes to arrive in Tokyo, who will compete in 8 events. According to the Chinese Yachting Association, the yachting team has held a flag-raising ceremony at the wharf by Enoshima Island in Tokyo. The team used the mast of the 470 sailboat as flagstaff to raise the flag and sang the national anthem. The Chinese yachting team is the first sports team of the Chinese delegation to be dispatched as a pioneer and will has the chance to win gold medals in the women's windsurfing event.

The article is contributed by Wang Dong, translated by Fei Jinglun.

[ Editor: WXY ]